Spring 2017

photo_1[1]Calendula blossoms standing in for Sunshine

There has been no lack of rain this spring, and the fields, rivers and lakes are happy for it.  However, I am eager for the sunshine to break through the clouds and kick everything into gear!

Seedlings are sitting tight indoors and under the shelter of a cold frame for now, and those cold enduring direct seed flowers like larkspur, bachelor buttons, nigella and bupleurum are already in the ground.

The First Bird Flowers will have field grown fresh cut flowers available for sale this season as soon as the blooms begin- I’ll keep you posted!

Until then, welcome spring!

Spring 2016

Welcome May! The warmth of sunshine on my back, while the spring wind sings of spring.  Thanks to due diligence of four fantastic pigs last summer (they kept busy plowing up sod), we have extended our tillable land to make room for more flowers!

Some soaking rains arrived just in time to water in our cover crop, and the cold loving flowers have been seeded- larkspur, nigella and bachelor buttons, soon to emerge from the soil with delicate green fronds.

Seedlings are ready to transplant as soon as the soil warms and we are clear from frost- just a few more weeks!  Annuals, perennials, old time favorites and unique blooms will grace the fields and your tables.

Throughout the summer months we will have fresh cut flowers available for special events, and keep an eye out for more information on 2016 Flower Shares (coming soon)!  As the season closes, we will have dried flower wreaths, everlastings to brighten those winter days.

Check out the Availability page for a more comprehensive list of specific varieties.