Support Your Local Growers

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It’s about the big picture.  Consider the social, environmental and economic impact of your purchases.

Take a quick glimpse into the commercial floriculture industry and you’ll find heavy use of chemicals that then leach into water systems, high transportation costs and energy use, low wages and potentially toxic working conditions.

By purchasing locally, or regionally grown flowers you are not supporting excessive transportation while supporting your local economy.  Take it to the next level and purchase flowers grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides, as they are less destructive to the environment.

Be a conscientious consumer.  Know the practices behind your purchases and support those that are making an effort to ensure the health and vitality of our communities today and for generations to come.

Further reading recommendations:

  • Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart
  • Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing
  • The 50 Mile Bouquet: Local, Seasonal and Sustainable Flowers by Debra Prinzing
  • Slow Flowers

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